Map to Moondance Gallery

1259 Bellamy's Mill Road
Clayton, Ontario

Follow the directions below or see a Google map



Take the 417 west from Ottawa and take either route a) or b):  


a) Exit onto the 7 south towards Carleton place. Keep on the 7 as you pass through Carleton Place. Approximately 7km past Carleton Place, turn right onto County Road 9 and follow this road all the way to Clayton.  

b) Exit onto the 49 south towards Almonte. Stay on the 49 as it passes through Almonte and crosses highway 29 where it becomes county road 16 (locally known as the Wolf Grove Road). Continue about 9km on this road until you get to the county road 9 (also known as Union Hall) and take a right onto county road 9 and follow it to Clayton.

      Once in Clayton, continue to the general store and veer to your right. The Moondance Gallery is just a few hundred feet from the store.  


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